"Absolutely! Leanne will kill you with kindness during her workouts🏋️‍♀️!!"-Carol

"awesome, flexible, variety love utilizing the gym"-Cher

"Finally nice to have a gym in our small town, it is a definite boost to our little community. The atmosphere and energy in the studio are amazing."  -Crystal

"Having just started strength training once a week a month before Covid-19 with Leanne Lougheed of QFS-Castor, I've seen many changes in my physical appearance; stronger a arms, legs, abs, and back.
Myself and two friends have continued our strength training with Leanne via Zoom during this time from our homes.
Leanne asked for a list of what we had in our homes re- weights/cardio equipment and she has modified our program to us completely and what we are able to work with in home.
I am so grateful for this time we can still have together to support one another in our fitness journey!
Thank you QFS-Castor, Leanne Lougheed, would not be the same without you😊"-Tovah

"An excellent versatile facility! Extremely clean and very well equipped! Castor is super lucky to have this spot!"-Jeremi

"Lots of variety of equipment and Leanne is great to get you started on the road to a healthier body."-Susan